5 Tips to choosing the right business logo


Every business, especially startups face the challenge of coming up with a suitable logo. It requires you to be contemplative when thinking of your logo to ensure a successful outcome. You may need hints on how to go about it.


Understanding that it represents your brand

A business logo acts as a bridge between you and your customers. A good logo targets a specific group and is purposed to increase sales by luring more customers. Therefore, when settling for a logo ensure that it represents your brand. With the many design trends today, make sure that your logo sticks to the brand’s personality and note that most logos have a purpose, some kind of history and a meaning.

As you design your logo, think of what triggers a memory of your brand’s idea then create a mood board with an imagery. Know that a logo is the only visual keystone to your brand, so a candid approach to describe its nature will go a long way to present positive results.



For people to easily differentiate your business from other businesses, choose a logo that is one of a kind. Although many people say and believe that making a unique logo with other similar businesses in the same industry is a bit difficult, always make every effort to stand out by thinking out of the box.

If your logo is similar to another one especially from the same industry, you may end up losing your customers to the other competitor. Choose different color schemes, patterns, and shapes to avoid mixing up your target customers.



Think of the Apple logo or the Puma logo, for instance, they are simple and everytime you see either one of them your mind immediately thinks of these companies. A simple logo design is easy to relate to the brand than a complex one. Choose one that can be used for different appliances for the brand if need be.

An easy trick that can be used is using a logotype for names that are unique and a logo mark to help identify a business or company with a generic name.


Color and font choice

To grab attention, bright colors are used even though they can be overbearing while on the other hand, for sophistication, muted tones which may be left unnoticed, are used. Different colors have different implications and if the wrong color is used, it may variate the kind of message you want to put forward. Avoid using too many colors, a maximum of three is enough.

Color is known to increase brand recognition so, find out what different colors evoke and incorporate them with the right font. Pink, for example, implicates fun and flirty so it cannot be used for a corporate logo design.



Flexibility and simplicity go hand in hand. The simpler the logo is, the easier it can be manipulated and used for different appliances within the brand as long as it remains relevant eg, Adidas. With the digital age, go for something that will still look okay even in unlike backgrounds and prints with visuals slightly differing based on where it is found.

Every aspect of a logo design matters so you need to ensure that nothing is out of context. If you are not good at graphic designing, seek the help from experts here; https://atlanticsigncompany.com/ and the results will amaze you.