7 Ways to Be More Eager to Learn and Succeed in Life



Americans have never faced more distractions than they do in 2021. Television, social media, and electronic devices maintain the public’s attention instead of the desire to learn. Albert Einstein receives credit for stating that once you stop learning, you start dying. Essentially, you become stagnant.

Here we explore seven ways to be more eager to learn and succeed in life.

1.Pick a Goal

One of the reasons why people enjoy mobile app games is there’s a goal to accomplish. Plus there’s constant change. To be more eager to learn and succeed in real life, pick a goal.

Your life stage determines the best goals to pick. For example, in your 20s, solid goals include landing a stellar career or purchasing a home. In your 30s, eliminating student loan debt is a worthwhile goal. When you hit your 40s, it’s time to start planning for retirement.

If you need to start small, consider goals that set you up for learning. Visit the library and pick up a book that interests you once a week. Ideally, you’ll find a topic that grabs your interest. Then expand on it.

There are also fun goals, such as adopting a hobby.

2.Become Self-Motivated

With a goal in mind, become self-motivated. No doubt, this is where most people falter. The young and older report a lack of motivation at work and in life. 

Some reasons why they lack motivation include values mismatch, errors, and emotions. Believing you can’t get a task done hurts motivation too.

If any of those act as a motivation roadblock for you, work to unblock it. Many individuals must find something bigger than themselves to stay motivated. They need the carrot on a stick. 

The carrot can be the things success nets you, such as gainful employment, a family, or starter home.

3.Continue Developing Your Skills

Skill development is one strategy that keeps you eager to learn and succeed in life. There are work and life skills to develop. If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, you can opt to develop your cooking skills.

Cooking is more than dropping a couple of ingredients in a pan and watching them become a meal. There’s a science behind cooking. Once you learn about how proteins, carbs, and fats interact with each other, you learn how to develop flavors to the fullest.

Those who really enjoy cooking can parlay their new skills into a career. Others can work on their negotiation, leadership, or language skills.

4.Seek Challenges

Humans require challenges that test current skills. Essentially, you’re growing as you move through the challenge. You’re finding out if you’ve mastered specific skills or simply going through the motions.

Again, the popularity of mobile app games has merit. They challenge the user to pop all the bubbles in as few moves as possible or solve a puzzle in a specific timeframe. 

If you apply the same gusto for real-life challenges as mobile app games, you’ll succeed in life.

5.Change Your Environment

Maybe your eagerness to learn will return after a change in the environment. If you have become a big fish in a small pond, search for a bigger pond. Sometimes ponds become too big, so search for a smaller one.

For professionals, there are services at your disposal. What’s better is that as the candidate, you don’t pay upfront fees. A Merritt Hawkins Review is available to physicians, and it may do the trick.

6.Join a Group

To reinvigorate your eagerness to learn, join a group. It helps to be around the enthusiastic energy of others. Humans are social, and the interaction can spark what’s been missing.

Joining a group allows you to learn from others, expand your skills and test them. For example, the best way to find out if you’re a top-notch debater is to debate others.

7.Find What Makes You Happy

Sometimes individuals dive into their feelings too deeply and it becomes a roadblock. However, finding what makes you happy has a direct impact on your eagerness to learn and succeed in life.

Happiness leads to solid decision-making, creativity, and good health. It also builds a solid foundation.


It’s possible to be more eager to learn and succeed in life. Start by taking the first step in any direction. Remember that your success rests with you.