What Social Networking Means for Recruiters and Candidates


Aside from keeping up to date with the social trends, catching up with family and friends and laughing at memes, there are various benefits of using social media, especially for sales professionals looking for employment.

It’s also an excellent tool for recruiters to use while looking to fill a position with the right talent. Like it or not, by using social media, you build your own online image.

Your tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures are what others use to perceive who you are as a person – including a potential employer. What this means for you is something you decide.

A positive image could attract employers and set you apart from the competition, whilst inappropriate use might mean you miss out on opportunities. Many posts by ‘influencers’ on LinkedIn emphasise the need of every individual to develop a personal brand.

As competition in the job market rises, it becomes increasingly important to stand out from the crowd and build the connections that’ll enable you to get where you want to. Branding can be done through various ways such as setting up a website or blog, videos, writing online and offline and indeed through social media.

As any industry leading headhunter agency will tell you, there are certain ways to use social media to your advantage. Here are a few things to keep in mind

Choose Your Platforms Wisely

LinkedIn is a must. Have your profile up to date but equally important is that you use the platform to keep informed about your industry, build connections and share updates to show that you’re active both on LinkedIn and in your career journey. In addition, choose another one or two social networking platforms. Try to spend a few minutes on each one every day. A simple post or quick retweet will show that you’re involved.

Make A Quality Profile

Have a suitable profile picture that can be clearly seen. Ideally use the same one for all your social media accounts so it is easier to recognise you. Write a simple but personal bio about yourself. It depends on the social media platform how formal it is but certainly mention what sector(s) you’re interested in and add a personal touch with any hobbies/societies you’re involved with.

Be Authentic

Do not become robotic with your posts – instead showcase your qualities and mention your hobbies so that scrolling down your feed gives one a real insight into your personality.

Follow Influencers in your Field

This includes relevant companies/ organisations and the key professionals within your sector. In this way, you will improve your commercial awareness and it will show that you take an active interest in your industry.

Share Your Opinions

If something in the news interests you, post about it. If you enjoyed attending an event, share what you liked. Share pictures of events you attend on your Instagram to show the time you spend exploring your sector of interest.


Like, comment and share the posts of people in your industry. Eventually, they will notice if you’re showing your enthusiasm well. This would (and does) help with finding mentors, placements and even employment! Social media is where things happen – for both recruiters and candidates alike.