8 Tips to market your brand using Pinterest

pinterest tips

What is Pinterest and how is it useful for your business?

Pinterest is a picture sharing website (a catalog of ideas) founded by Ben Sibermann. It allows users to upload images known as pins – save, sort and manage them. Users can also upload the media content like videos through Pinboards. Pinterest is a personalized platform allowing users to browse the content of others and save them using pin it option in their own boards.


The site became popular, especially among women. According to Nielsen, in 2012 the U.S. female group of onlookers of Pinterest getting to the site through the PC was 70% and globally it is 83%. The normal Pinterest client spent around an hour and a half for each month on the site in 2012. The most mainstream classifications on Pinterest are food & drink, DIY (Do It Yourself ideas) & specialties, ladies attire, home decoration ideas, and travel.

Pinterest for business usability

In marketing, Pinterest is now producing more sales when compared to facebook. It allows organizations to create pages to promote their companies online. These pages can serve as a “virtual storefront“. From a case study done on a fashion website it was found that, users who are visiting Pinterest spent $180 in compared with $85 spent from users originating from Facebook. Further brand studies have kept on showing Pinterest is more successful at driving deals than other different types of social media.

In 2013, Pinterest presented another device called ‘Rich Pins’, to improve the client experience when scanning through pins made by organizations. Business pages can incorporate different information, subjects and data, for example, costs of items, reviews and ratings for movies or ingredients for the recipes.


Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest now allowing advertisers get to the information gathered on its clients. By allowing access to client’s information, Pinterest lets advertisers examine how individuals react to products. If a product has a high number of re-pins (responses), it means the product has been liked and preferred by numerous individuals from the Pinterest group. Since Pinterest lets advertisers get to the information, organizations can see client remarks on the item to figure out how individuals like or dislike it.

Below are the 8 tips used for marketing your startup and to grow your brand using Pinterest,

1. Know your customers better



As Pinterest permits users to save the things they find interesting, you will get to know the critical information of what your potential users like and need by searching their boards. Get to know about who have they place you in with? What else would they say they combine your photos with? Did they come up with some new uses for your product? Taking a gander at this takes into consideration a superior comprehension of who your clients are and furnishes you with the right data to generously slender down your objective business sector.

2. Recognize the users pinned content

pinned content

Re-pinning your clients pins permits them to feel dynamic and this will make a superior relationship between them, your image and the product or administrations you bring to the table. At this present stage clients need more than simply the item yet a relationship as well. So it’s an awesome chance take part in a true way.  Likewise investigate what’s new on Pinterest and utilize that for further more advantage. In the event that your business produces more products or services on the well -known rundown then post pictures identifying with this theme – this will convey clients to your site and they may buy more than they planned to buy.

3. Post innovative or interesting content

posting content

Posting fascinating content is important for marketing your brand. Nobody will re-pin something that isn’t interesting and on Pinterest it has to be outwardly wonderful, energizing or fascinating, so do your exploration and discover what they like to see. Info graphics, instructional exercise illustrations and pictures with titles underneath that connects through to a post on your site function. On the off chance that you keep on posting fascinating and pertinent content, they will effectively perceive your image and build up a feeling of confidence to it. Around 82% of offers of Pinterest are accomplished by re-pins, which is the point at which somebody perusing sees your pin and pins it onto their own board. This makes it inconceivably imperative to get the content all right, it’s more tending to be shared.

4. Link to your other online networks



So you’ve begun pinning, now what? All things considered, you can likewise profit by incorporating your long range informal communication locales to Pinterest to further advance your business. It is currently conceivable to pin your Pinterest presents on your Facebook and Twitter, so the individuals who are tracking you as of now will acknowledge you’re additionally on Pinterest.

5. Get more followers

My last tip is the manner by which to acquire followers on your Pinterest profile. Yes, it appears to be awesome simply considering spending the hours doing it, yet I promise you that it will pay off. With 70 Million clients and a larger number of offers through Pinterest than Facebook, it is most likely the spot to be.

pinterest followers

Below points make you earn more followers to your Pinterest profile,

1.      Spend more time in creating a good Pinterest profile

2.      Share your profile across all your social networks

3.      Get to know what’s trending and create similar

4.      Post interesting content

5.      Be proactive – pin and re-pins, comments on the posts

6.      Host a competition – this helps you get more number of followers who are interested in your services or products.

Pinterest has demonstrated exactly that it is so vital to organizations in the race for achieving success in business. Each brand needs to give clients a more noteworthy ordeal and gain their interest to you. Yet, the best will be those that exploit Pinterest and the potential it makes for their business.  Clients are continually searching for what’s new so watch Pinterest as it develops the prominence of your business.