Aceable Secures $4M Series A

What does Aceable do?

Aceable, is the creator of the 1st state approved drivers education app. This education startup intends to revolutionized all those mind numbing and boring online courses. It is going after necessary courses, like those created for defensive driving, employee training, drivers-ed, standardize test prep, corporate compliance etc. This platform is the creators of the first state approved drivers’ education app. In less than 2 years, the company has achieved over 35% market share for all the online drivers education courses in California and Texas. Their outstanding app store reviews and user growth prove that their product is best in class.

How much Aceable was funded?

The company raised $4M in Series A on September 23, 2016 from Silverton Partners,  NextGen Venture Partners,  FLOODGATE.

Previous funding

Undisclosed amount on October 15, 2013 from Capital Factory

$4.7M on October 1, 2015 from NextGen Venture Partners,  FLOODGATE and Silverton Partners.

What is next for Aceable?

Aceable’s rapid adoption of its drivers education application proves that demand is not only for engaging but also cutting edge mobile learning experiences. One in three jobs in US require some form of certification; however, despite that opportunity, the prime complaint of the professionals in the fields is that course content is sometimes boring and sometimes irrelevant. So the company can now fix this problem just as it fixed the one with driving. The company plans on using the latest funding raised for expanding into new industries which need professional certifications while continuing its growth in successful drivers ed app state by state. The funding will enable company in continuing adding drivers education application to new markets including Indiana, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. They will also expand into new verticals such as corporate HR, real estate, food safety and nursing, all areas which require certification.

More about Aceable

Aceable was founded in 2012 by Blake Garrett. It has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.