What does Attivo Networks do?

Attivo Networks, is an advanced security technologist. It is focused on developing network security threat detection technology for deployment as a cloud based service. It provides patented BOTs and ATPs- advanced persistent threats detection solution  for data centers, corporate networks, government markets globally. Their honey net technology in combination with their patented techniques helps in quickly and effectively uncovering BOTs and APTs.

Attivo Networks consists of a team of talented entrepreneurs who have years of experiences bringing in sophisticates network security technology.

How much Attivo Networks was funded?

Attivo Networks raised $8M in Series A round on April 16th, 2015 from the investors Bain Capital Ventures.

What is next for Attivo Networks?

BOTs and APTs are infecting servers and clients to steal their valuable info in spite of traditional defenses which prevent them in doing so. Attivo Networks provides a new and an advanced solution which fiercely increases the time necessary for detecting APTs and BOTs as they move in an organization’s data and network center.

Attivo Networks is going to use the latest funds to increase its investment in product development and support. Its next phase of growth will build on its present grip with marquee customers in healthcare, technology and banking categories.

Enrique Salem, the former President and CEO or Symantec will be joining the board of directors of Attivo Networks with the intention that he will bring plenty of relevant knowledge and experience to help this startup for guiding it through its next growth phase.

More about Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks was founded by Mano Murthy in 2011. It has its headquarters in Fremont.  Attivo Networks solution is very capable of swift and effective uncovering of APTs and BOTs, using its honeynet technology in association with its patented techniques for provocation of APTs and BOTs.