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What does Facebook Foray do? Facebook stepped into payments world on Tuesday, yet don’t hold your breath for a PayPal contender at any point in the near future. Since many years the social network developed a feature allowing users to send payments to their friends using well known messaging application. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced about …


What does Smart Hires do? Discovering great tech ability is a test at this time. The Obama organization poured $100 million into the new TechHire activity this last month to fill a large portion of a million open IT employments in the U.S. thus, Y Combinator-upheld “SmartHires” handles that test with the formation of a …

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akido labs

What does Akido Labs do? Akido Labs is a startup that allows Standard API’s for the hospitals, it can effortlessly coordinate your product with any electronic health record framework (EHR) and safely become acquainted with wellbeing information. The startup has a current duty from more than 200 healing centers all through the U.S, with a …

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What does HigherMe do? HigherMe is a recruiting service that uses information and videos to help retail and management find, screen and recruit the best employers very fast. YC-Backed HigherMe Promises a Smarter Approach to Applying for Retail Jobs and Other Hourly Works. Why do we need HigherMe? Are you trying to find the correct …

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What does Kickpay do? Kickpay is a startup backed by Y –Combinator, is a market place through which business can import their invoices. Organizations, and specifically all the more fiscally cognizant SMEs and new companies, post points of interest of affirmed invoices which are sold to investors who can get a speedy profit for their …

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What does SlideMail do? SlideMail is a secured email application developed to help those people who want to sort their inbox. SlideMail helps them by organizing messages and also alerts users about the important meetings or any other events. Unlike other apps where they focus on providing the “priority box” which contain important emails, SlideMail …

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What does Minibar do? Minibar is an online liquor delivering platform, making its service available in 13 areas is now acquiring the Booze Carriage- one of its biggest competitor. Minibar has been launched in the month of February of 2014 and has reached its service in 13 cities with a huge development from month over …

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What does Instavset do? Instavset is a platform where retail investors can share their investments of stock market, through which others can replicate those investments. The complete Trading portion is maintained by Instavset Advisor Inc. which has been registered with United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Instavset just wants to help Lead investors post their …

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Who is Jellynote for? is a new  French social service providing platform for creating music. Users can create their own music, learn and share music scores and spreads. Jellynote is developed by music artists who had been faced such problems and share solution. They will likewise convey another experience to play and learn music. …

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Who is Dealyze for? Starbucks’ system including its portable mobile application and going with prizes card set a high bar for the rest of the business to take after. Today, another start up called “Dealyze” is releasing a service to offer a comparative application experience to any business, however at a lower value point than …

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