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Who is Soch for? Sosh is an individual’s website that helps users finds things to do in their neighbourhood with the social media. Sosh is being developed by Offline Labs, a new start up established by previous Google and Slide workers. Sosh has today dispatched Concierge in the New York, the Uber for dining. Why …

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eyewear games

Who is Eyewear Games for? Eyewear Games new Helsinki-based gamings start up consisting of a group including previous officials from diversion studios Remedy, Digital Chocolate and Rovio. Besides, the organization has grabbed sponsorship of around a large portion of a million Euros from Lifeline Ventures, which beforehand upheld Supercell, and Sunstone Capital. ‘Eyewear Games’ is …

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What does Gumroad do? Gumroad is a startup that enables creators to rent their goods directly to their customers. Many people like filmmakers, artists, developers, music artists, designers and many more use this Gumroad application widely. Today, Gumroad announced that there are 28,000 goods available for rent with 2,000 features enabled in it. Creators can …

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What does Haikujam do? Haikujam is a U.K startup first started as a poem writing application, but now Haikujam is not a poem application. V2 beta version of Haikujam is going to be launched now on IOS and android, which has now included social media photo sharing feature. Users can develop their own poetic expressions …

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product tv

What does Tube Centrex do? Tube Centrex is a mobile video service providing platform which facilitates how advanced and portable feature is monetized and adapted. It combines TV or cable media, Youtube, and advanced web content suppliers. Tube Centrex permits every one of the three mediums to be effortlessly make it accessible on a cross …

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What does Hushbook do? Now a day’s every individual started using ‘facebook,’ an online social media used to make friends, share your interests and many more. “Hushbook” is a new IOS application launched recently to unfollow a person in your facebook friend list. Who is Hushbook for? Hushbook is Tinder for the facebook. facebook profiles …

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