Eyewear Games the world’s wearable start up to develop games for the Apple Watch

eyewear games

Who is Eyewear Games for?

Eyewear Games new Helsinki-based gamings start up consisting of a group including previous officials from diversion studios Remedy, Digital Chocolate and Rovio. Besides, the organization has grabbed sponsorship of around a large portion of a million Euros from Lifeline Ventures, which beforehand upheld Supercell, and Sunstone Capital. ‘Eyewear Games’ is focusing on wearable gadgets; particularly smart watches, including   Apple Watch which is soon to be launched.

Why do we need Eyewear Games?

Eyewear Games is the first start up to develop games for the Apple watch. Many number of companies have developed their Apple watch gaming products, instead if you have a look at all the consumer platforms, all the games which make us feel enthusiastic about them. That is the place where Eyewear games come in and decided to make new, new encounters that are customized for keen watches from the earliest starting point.

What made Eyewear Games stand out from others?

Developing games for mobiles, tablets are very common but for watches it’s a quite big task for the developers to design games which are easy to pick and play. You can enjoy this kind of games when you are in heavy traffic or an elevator. However these are not small games. These are designed for a time period of 5 to 15 seconds length. For us the key is to verify that the experience unfolds over the long haul and assembles towards a goal. However at last the super exciting Eyewear games is now going to hit the market this spring.