Hushbook application helps you maintain facebook news feed


What does Hushbook do?

Now a day’s every individual started using ‘facebook,’ an online social media used to make friends, share your interests and many more. “Hushbook” is a new IOS application launched recently to unfollow a person in your facebook friend list.

Who is Hushbook for?

Hushbook is Tinder for the facebook. facebook profiles are mess and mix of many friends including your childhood school friends, college friends, family members and also few members whom your even seen from your childhood. You need to do something to change this. Hushbook helps you, similar to Tinder it has alike interface where you can swipe right to follow a person and swipe left to unfollow. Generally Unfloowing a friend cannot be done instantly, it requires user to enter their profile that you want to unfollow and go to options to click unflollow. But Hushbook helps you do this work in a simple way within few seconds just by swiping left on its interface.

Why do we need Hushbook?

Hushbook doesn’t uses the facebook API to perform this functionality to unfollow. Facebook doesn’t ever offer this feature to any other API. Unfollowing a person is not that good thing but yes that depends on your interest and needs. It just unfollow without getting any kind of noisy notifications from others.

What’s new in Hushbook?

Currently Hushbook application has no option to unfriend a person in facebook, it has only a feature to unfollow without notifying them and cleans your newsfeed without all nasty stuff.