Tube Centrex a startup now launching an iOS app called “Product TV” helps you find new products

product tv

What does Tube Centrex do?

Tube Centrex is a mobile video service providing platform which facilitates how advanced and portable feature is monetized and adapted. It combines TV or cable media, Youtube, and advanced web content suppliers. Tube Centrex permits every one of the three mediums to be effortlessly make it accessible on a cross platform of gadgets.

Who is Tube Centrex for?

Tube Centrex is now launching a new IOS application called “product TV” which can bring all the video devices across the web. We all know a video can have more effect to make a decision about a product rather than simply looking at an image or listening to an audio. Users can instantly know about the performance of the products. Product TV effectively converts the general customers into the investors like Indiegogo etc which are none without product videos for them to market.

Why do we need Product TV?

Acquired by Tube Centrex, Product TV gives customers a feedback of the devices or any new kind of products released. Likewise it also provides reviews of the products if there is no official video of the product present. Customers are provided with different categories, where they can choose their required product videos like gadgets, watches, wearable’s, shopping and many more.

What’s new in Product TV?

Right now you can download Product TV from the App store but only for the IOS devices. Product TV, is soon planning to release their product for Android and Windows applications in the future.