Haikujam is no longer a poem Application


What does Haikujam do?

Haikujam is a U.K startup first started as a poem writing application, but now Haikujam is not a poem application. V2 beta version of Haikujam is going to be launched now on IOS and android, which has now included social media photo sharing feature. Users can develop their own poetic expressions with words and also photos and can share with their friends anywhere around the world using social media.

Who is Haikujam for?

Pictures are currently permitted to completely replace the words if HaikuJam users choose, bringing about a visual layer cake, produced using three independently chosen pictures, taking the spot of the past aggregately created haiku, despite the fact that the application still allows written work as well. The apps main idea is to include support for different sorts of rich media combination in future, for example, video and audio features

Why do we need Haikujam?

Generally, people who are active and are not poets, instead they are doctors, engineers, student investors who like Hiakujam, as it makes them feel relief without any stress. They truly like the actuality they didn’t need to contribute much time, and simply compose a few lines, and feel inventive once more. Furthermore when another person adds to your line that is the reappearance of your investment. There are various writers who still do use it.

What’s new in Haikujam?

Currently, Haikujam has got more than 3,000 downloads and gained $150,000 in seed funding from the leading investors across U.K. It is now aiming to raise to higher extent in next few months.