Gumroad allows creators directly rent their digital goods


What does Gumroad do?

Gumroad is a startup that enables creators to rent their goods directly to their customers. Many people like filmmakers, artists, developers, music artists, designers and many more use this Gumroad application widely. Today, Gumroad announced that there are 28,000 goods available for rent with 2,000 features enabled in it. Creators can offer anything for rent and meanwhile they can set the cost of their products.

Who is Gumroad for?

Gumroad platform helped many people with their service. ‘Desiree Akhavan’ is one of the famous filmmakers who first tried the rental feature of Gumroad and released her film the comedy entertainer “Appropriate Behavior” in the theaters and she expressed her views of buying and selling through Gumroad helped her a lot to advantage their audiences that she would develop through her web series.

Why do we need Gumroad?

When a product is available for rent, then the customer is provided with two option buttons, where one is for renting purpose and the other for purchasing. Once the customer rents any product, then they have 1 month to view and 72 hours to close it soon if once started, they can even be viewed on internet or on Gumroad’s application.

What’s new in Gumroad?

Rentals could be allowed for different sorts of Gumroad substance, however gimmick appears to be “extremely film-particular” where most purchasers are less keen on say, getting to music for a constrained time of time. Additionally, having a lower expense alternative is especially critical with motion pictures, where the value direct inclines towards to be high.