Jellynote a French service helps you learn and practise music


Who is Jellynote for? is a new  French social service providing platform for creating music. Users can create their own music, learn and share music scores and spreads. Jellynote is developed by music artists who had been faced such problems and share solution. They will likewise convey another experience to play and learn music. When users are playing a tune, Jellynote will hear them out and will issue them a direct input progressively.

Why do we need Jellynote?

Jellynote is now available on the internet, Android and iOS. You can get to the score database free of charge, yet you will need to pay around $5 every month to get to synchronized videos and the Guitar Hero mode. The amazing feature included in Jellynote is a Guitar Hero-like mode that exploits your microphone. It is similar of playing video games t, however with a genuine guitar — you can see progressively in real time that you are playing the right note and also can know your scores.

Functions of Jellynote:

When you open Jellynote’s online site, you immediately know this isn’t your normal score database with a bundle of compressed pictures hurled on the Internet. Furthermore, the group has a couple of traps up its sleeve to improve the experience. In terms of spread features, Jellynote breaks down the sound track and synchronizes it with the score continuously.  You can hop to a specific piece of the score to perceive how they do it on feature. Lastly, practically speaking mode, taking in another tune has a craving for beating a high score in Guitar Hero.