What does Aviso do?

Aviso, is a predictive insights software firm which helps enterprises achieve Total Revenue Intelligence for quantifying risks, predicting outcomes and exceeding revenue expectations.

It is changing the way executives are making decisions for managing revenue assets, mitigating risks and refining forecasts. Its Total Revenue Intelligence cloud apps use advanced machine learning algorithms and portfolio management frameworks for predicting outcomes, generating scenarios, understanding the risks involved and enabling the CFO, CEOs and all other executives who are responsible for revenue to decide better to increase the revenue growth.

How much Aviso was funded?

Aviso, raise $15M in Series B on April 9th, 2015 from Cowboy Ventures, First Round, Bloomberg Beta, Next World Capital, Shasta Ventures, Scale Venture Partners.

Previous funding

  • $8M in Series A on April 30th, 2014 from Bloomberg Beta, Cowboy Ventures, Shasta Ventures and First Round

What is next for Aviso?

As a part of the latest investment in Aviso the new addition to its board will be Stacey Bishop and Craig Hanson from Scale Venture and Next World Capital. With the lasts fund, the total funding to date amounts to $23M. The latest fund will be used to grow Aviso’s sales, marketing and the customer success teams for allowing sales organizations for meeting and exceeding their quarterly revenue targets.

More about Aviso

Aviso was founded on March 1st, 2012 by Andrew Abrahams and K.V. Rao.

Aviso is the leading predictive insights software designed for helping sales teams optimizing their performance and exceeding their revenue goals. Aviso insights is the first data science solution for sales successes. It boosts the sales performance with smart decisions.

Aviso Insights improves the ability of the sales teams to exceed their quarterly targets, take confident decisions and drive results with a predictable outcome. It is designed for medium and large enterprises and so their sales teams can now predict outcomes, understand risks and make better decisions for improving their ability for target achieving.