Axoni raises $18M in Series A

What does Axoni do?

Axoni, is a block chain startup. It provides distributed ledger technology for financial companies. This startup serves the largest capital markets service providers and financial companies in the world with complete stack block chain solutions. The company provides workflow automation. All smart contracts make sure that all the relevant parties are in sync, even the most complicated financial instruments. The company takes data privacy seriously. It protects the customer’s data from being accessible by the unauthorized people. It has a high throughput and external integrations. Extra participants can be added or removed fast and securely, allowing integration with external and internal service providers. It has the capacity to process many times the throughput necessary for institutional financial infrastructure.

How much Axoni was funded?

Axoni raised $18M in Series A on December 22, 2016 from Digital Currency Group, F-Prime Capital Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, JP Morgan, Thomson Reuters, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo & Company and Euclid Opportunities FinTech Collective.

What is next for Axoni?

The company is excited to have the support from the global leaders in fin services. They believe that the changes already underway based on the distributed ledger technology shall create a huge influence on the industry. In early 2016, many Wall Street companies have tested a block chain platform for credit default swaps, using this company’s technology.  The company has developed Smart Contract Technology, proprietary technology and has validated successfully this technology in many Capital Markets use cases. The company welcomes Stephen Sandberg as Director of Client Services, who brings twenty years of experience in fin technologies, with a special focus on post-trade infrastructure.

More about Axoni

Axoni has its headquarters in New York, New York. Their proprietary distributed ledger software, Axoni Core helped create the prototype which simulated the reference data management among its participants for the corporate bonds issuance.