Best Strategies For Quality Backlinks Profile in 2021


While Google is fond of changing its ranking algorithms to deliver even more valuable experience to the users, there is a ranking factor that has been here from the very emergence of the search engines. Yes, we are talking about the presence of SEO backlinks that work as evidence of your content credibility, usability, and trustworthiness. Let’s find out what seo linking strategies are effective and powerful in 2021, and how to increase the quality and quantity of your do-follow backlinks. 

Come Up with an Authentic Research

The best backlinks seo strategy ever is to create such content that will attract backlinks on its own. Interesting, fresh, and authentic research has the greatest chance of attracting a lot of links that will come from credible resources.

The matter is in the fact that most modern content creators are striving to put as much value and credibility in their content as possible. Citing fresh research insights is one of the best tools to do. So, think about coming up with authentic materials that can be valuable for other websites.

For example, you can share your case studies, provide metrics, dwell on the personal experience, research the behavior patterns and preferences of your users, or gather fresh statistics from other sources if you haven’t enough data to develop valuable insights on your own. 

Create the Content That Is Linked Back the Most Frequently

Also, there are additional types of content that are also good at generating backlinks on their own. When developing your backlink strategy, make sure to create the following content assets to increase your chances of getting more backlinks organically.

  • How-to articles. This is the most popular and the most citable type of content but only when the article actually solves the users’ problem step-by-step, is ultimately understandable, visual, well-structured, and problem-specific.
  • Infographics. And here is one more winning idea – consider transforming your research and statistics into an infographic. Being ultimately visual and useful, they are good at engaging the readers and generating backlinks. What’s more, you can create a custom infographic for free, using dedicated tools, like Canva and Pictochart. 
  • Videos. Videos are great for improving your on-page behavior factors because of the longer dwelling time, plus they attract backlinks and promote shares.
  • “Why” articles. The eternal question “why” is always relevant, regardless of the topic. Come up with ultimate answers to organically generate backlinks for your “why” articles. 

Use the Guest Posting Strategy

Generating backlinks with the help of guest posts is another evergreen strategy that works in 2021 as well. Surely, you know its essence – you should come up with a useful article and publish it on a third-party source with a mention of your website. Find more here on how to generate natural backlinks with the help of guest posting, and also check to unlock the best SEO and marketing practices to get started with.

Blog posts backlinks generated with the help of guest posting are also an opportunity to attract a lot of prospective leads, so you have to play it right, collaborating with authoritative resources that have the target audience from your location. To streamline your backlink building strategy and create backlinks from the USA, consider using Linksmanagement link building automation tool. 


Building an extensive backlink profile is essential for driving results from your SEO efforts. In this article, we have shared actionable tips and helpful practices to do it in 2021, so make sure to use them and promote your website to the top SERP seamlessly. Keep in mind that creating top-notch content is the best practice ever for your SEO marketing so never lose focus of the quality of the content you deliver.