Bevy launched a way out to photo and video storage.

What does Bevy Do?

Lineage labs, a Boston-based start-up company launched Bevy, a service that provides local and private storage with the online backup. It stores the content in a hard drive which is connected in the home, where the pictures and videos of the whole family members are saved. Bevy drags all the photos from your mobile devices and also you can pick the photos which you want to put in.

Why do we need Bevy?

Now a days, we take lots of photos and videos of our family members or friends and we don’t know where and how to store it safe. Bevy, allow family members to sort out and access their records using metadata like location, date and more. The main advantage of this product is not only for storing purpose, but also multi-sharing with our neighbors.

Who is Bevy for?

Bevy is alike storage devices like Google drive, Drop box, Cloud but, it is connected close by, so that our family members can view and share photos with the Bevy app installed in their devices. It can be plugged into the TV to view your photos.

What makes Bevy stand out from others?

Google acquires Odysee, a photo and video backup company which can store photos into the family computer, but Bevy is connected to its own hard drive. It is very difficult to collect and store the photos, Bevy makes it much easier to collect and store.

What’s Next of Bevy?

Bevy is now offering 1TB of space unlike you can extend it by plugging to USB hard disk. In the coming versions Bevy increase the storage space beyond 1TB.