What does Billtrust do?

Billtrust, is the leading provider of invoice to cash solutions and helps companies improve their financial performance. it integrates three key areas of the invoice to cash process which involves presentment, payment and cash application, helping the clients connect with their customers and cash white improving their revenue and the flow of cash.

Billtrust has believed the potential of the billing process was under-recognized and under-valued as a core strategic business component. Its initiatives and technologies deploys businesses move billing from back office to a strategic weapon which connects them with their customers and cash. Billtrust provides invoice to cash solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries.  Its comprehensive offerings helps its clients enhance their customer relationships, improve their cash flow, increase their productivity and migrate to the electronic channels.

How much Billtrust was funded?

Billtrust raised $25M in Series C funding on April 15th, 2015 from Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Ventures.

Previous funding

$4M in Venture funding on October 17, 2006 from Edison Partners

$25M in Series B on November 14, 2012 from Bain Capital Ventures

What is next for Billtrust?

Billtrust will use the fund for continuing its contentious growth strategies and for pursuing extra  acquisitions. It aims at helping their team grow strategically and deliver against their business goals. Billtrust’s vision is to transform business to business invoicing and payments.
More about Billtrust

Billtrust was founded in 2001 by Flint A. Lane. It has its headquarters in Trenton, NJ. It works with thousands of business for streamlining their invoice to cash procedures. Billtrust is devoted to assisting outing the biggest rates of industry’s electronic adoption, lowering the costs and catering to consumer satisfaction and key payments metrics like days sales outstanding. It is committed to the delivery of a flexible solution for improving buyer satisfaction and DSO.