Bluesmart: An ultra-smart luggage bag


What is Bluesmart for? is one of its kind luggage bag that can be conveniently controlled with your phone. It works according to the command you pass through your phone. You can lock or unlock it quite easily through your phone. Bluesmart is for the individuals who like to carry their luggage in style whilst completely securing it at the same time.

How much is Bluesmart Crowd Funded?

It has been successfully funded for $1366, 016 although it had a goal of only $50,000. The campaign has ended and there are 6446 backers.

Is Bluesmart useful and exciting?

Bluesmart is an innovative technique to manage your luggage while keeping it completely safe from any kind of theft or misplacing. It has a built in gps device which lets you locate your Bluesmart in case of theft or misplacement.  It can even charge your phone up to 6 times with the help of an in built battery. Bluesmart is an amalgamation of ample storage space equipped with ground breaking technology for an overall satisfying experience.

More of Bluesmart?

Developers are trying to add more features to this hi tech luggage back. In near future, most individuals will be able to control Bluesmart with the help of their smart watches as well. Although it is filled with tech features, it does not fail to impress with its solid built and a highly resistant construction thereby ensuring minimal damage to your stuff. With all these qualities bluesmart is not merely a suitcase, it is more of a travel assistant ready to take on challenges within the global market.