BrightFarms raises $30.1M

What does BrightFarms do?

BrightFarms, is a company which designs, builds, finances and operates hydroponic greenhouse farms at or near supermarkets. This eliminates distance, time and cost from the food supply chain. This is a scalable, cutting edge solution to American’s increasing demand for local and sustainable food. The company is pioneering the future of low impact, local farming by building greenhouse farms which significantly reduce food miles, create permanent green collar jobs and improve the impact of environment on the food supply chain. Their greenhouses use 80% less water, 90% less land and 95% less shipping fuel than traditional suppliers. Their produce is grown with less overall energy than products which are available in supermarket shelves. Also their produce is non-GMO and pesticide free.

How much BrightFarms was funded?

The company raised $30.1M in Series C on September 21, 2016 from NGEN Partners,  Catalyst Investors and WP Global Partners.

Previous funding

$4.3M in Series A on December 13, 2011 from Ted Caplow,  NGEN Partners and Emil Capital Partners.

$4.9M in Series B on January 29, 2014 from Ted Caplow,  Emil Capital Partners and NGEN Partners.

$2.4M in Series B on June 3, 2014 from WP Global Partners, Emil Capital Partners, NGEN Partners and Ted Caplow

$13.65M in Series B on November 6, 2015 from NGEN Partners,  Emil Capital Partners and WP Global Partners.

What is next for BrightFarms?

BrightFarms plans to use the latest funding raised for furthering its leadership position in changing the country’s food system for including more healthy, commercial scale fresh, sustainable and local produce.

More about BrightFarms

BrightFarms was founded in 2011 by Ted Caplow. It has its headquarters in New York, New York. Their produce is generally a week fresher that the products available on supermarket shelves, the company is now satisfying customers with more nutritious, fresh and delicious produce at lead retailers such as Giant Food (Ahold USA), Mariano’s (Kroger), Wegmans and ShopRite, from local greenhouses near Washington, D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia.