In an economy that isn’t always steady, businesses are finding creative ways to use the skills of local talent to strengthen the work of their team. While many companies in the past never envisioned beyond the tried and true methods for hiring, modern technology has opened up opportunities that the smarter business owners are using to diversify their work pool.

What Can the Internet Do for You

Times used to be that the best way to find the greatest talents was to send out advertisements for positions. Newspapers, radio, and word of mouth were the standard tools of the trade for generations in the business world.

With the creation of the Internet, the opportunities for uncovering the best candidates for the work exploded. Frequently, websites (or platforms) will target those seeking to change companies, even locations, to pursue their career goals.

An employment platform acts as a landing place on the Internet – a virtual HR office, if you will – at which the talent seekers and the gifted are able to meet up, share what they have to offer, and hopefully come away with a solution of employment.

First, came sites like and Here, employees bring their job description and place it on what essentially translates into a community bulletin board. Simultaneously, those seeking employment sign up for the service and upload their resume and experience information.

From there, all users have the option to either allow the website to make recommendations for best matches or spend the time looking for themselves – the 21st Century version of ‘beating the streets’ for the perfect job and perfect employee.

What Came Next

These sites have ongoing proven records of success and are useful in helping connect employers and employees.  Yet companies soon recognized a greater potential that existed: platform-based opportunities targeted at ‘gig’ employment, designed to give even greater access to both sides of the hiring equation on a more local playing field.

Not everyone who is a talented employee is looking to make a giant leap across the country to change companies and start over. In fact, the success of gig platforms proves that many highly talented, excellent employees are available in the virtual backyard of every company, everywhere. There are freelance workers, waiting for the smart businesses that realize their potential.

Which Fields Have Gig Opportunities

Whatever your skill, the truth is there is probably a platform that can meet your need. According to information recently posted on Small Business Trends, the economy of this newly carved out corner of the workforce is booming across many sectors of industry. Some examples include:

Computer Technology: clearly there is a never ending need for the very best of those workers with knowledge of computer and related technology. As a freelancer in this industry, you need a space you can trust to provide you with reputable work, secure payment and opportunity for growth. Examples like prove that a field engineer’s work is never done. This is thankfully true for the freelance telecom/corporate networking engineer who can connect with those who need their services around the globe. Their site provides opportunities for ongoing education, feedback from clients, and secure payment.

Writers: perhaps the most well-known of all freelancers, writers are notorious for seeking out companies who will not only acknowledge but reward them for their writing abilities. Places like and actively strive to offer writers every opportunity to meet the clients and businesses who will appreciate their talent – while allowing them to work from their favorite coffee shop.

A Little of Everything: some platforms strive to address the needs of multiple industries of freelancers all in one place. Like, where once struggling creative thinkers, technology gurus, office assistants and more, can now easily find an outlet for their particular talent.

Going Forward

Moving forward, smart businesses will empower their HR department to utilize the resource of the gig platform. Hiring local talent to do the work is not only smart, it is a forward-thinking decision that will put your company on the cutting edge of hiring and will bring in the local talent that can drive your company to greater levels of success.