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Top 10 inspiring movies every entrepreneur must watch

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Top 16 ideas for home based business

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A web design company is essential to every type of business. Big or small, commerce or service, every enterprise can benefit from good web design. Once you’ve got your clients, it’s important to keep them. Growing your business is as important as starting your business. Start with getting the best people to partner with you …


Running a small business takes a lot of effort and more than a little time. Being the owner of an LLC puts the “busy” in business. Any way to streamline your operations and improve business efficiency is a welcome benefit. Whether you’re running an online business or a brick-and-mortar shop, any company can improve with …


There is an abundance of tips regarding what entrepreneurs should say during investor meetings and pitches. However, you will hardly find a guide that suggests “what not to say,” which I consider to be more significant. Remember, your first pitch to an investor is like your first date – you can’t miss an opportunity to …


We live in a technologically dynamic world that calls for business to embrace technology innovations in order to stay competitive. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly, can mean the difference between a successful and failing company. AI can be used to automate various businesses including customer service, finance and accounting, human resources, marketing and …


Garnering attention for your business is part of your job as an entrepreneur. Whether you are a startup founder or a small business owner, getting media personnel to notice your company can have a significant impact on your growth rate. But how do you increase your odds of ongoing press coverage? You create a press-acquisition …


Over the last 20 years, the nature of business relations between managers and employees has changed significantly. Earlier, people worked together in a single office with all the required features: coffee cups, regular meetings, common dining rooms, and so on. Today, more and more workers tend to switch to remote models of cooperation. To understand …


No two business leaders are the same, but many of them share the same characteristics. These personal qualities allow these passionate, powerful entrepreneurs to climb the career ladder and shape the world. Up-and-coming leaders need these qualities if they want to reach great success and become influential business people. Here, Corey Shader shares five traits …


A staggering number of Americans are overworked. Job-related stress is the biggest source of stress for American adults, and it has increased significantly in recent years. When you fail to make changes to combat work-related stress, this can often lead to a condition known as burnout. While it isn’t a medical diagnosis, it is a …


Photocopying machines are a fundamental pre-requisite for most companies. Especially when you are looking at the efficiency and reliability of processes in your company.   However, these machines come along with additional costs other than the cost of purchasing it. For instance, it will require you to train your team on how to use the machine, …


The time has come in your career to head back to school to pursue an MBA. Maybe you have been out of school for less than a year, or maybe you have been out of school for 10 years. Still, this is a huge step in your career path and you should make the most …