Chartcube makes sharing and editing charts as easy as messaging


Chartcube is a business freemium service that permits individuals to audit, share and examine sensitive data on smartphones. The majority of big business information is assessed in Excel, shared through Excel or Powerpoint and examined on Email. Chartcube permits business clients to audit information by playing with the chartcube on little touch screens, users have the capacity to rapidly share and talk about information.

Teaming up on information is very hard and frequently brings about progressively clumsy email chains stacked with different PowerPoint and Excel connections. A startup called Chartcube needs to make sharing and altering graphs as simple as like simple messaging.

The application, which simply extended to desktop and iPhone (an Android rendition is slated for discharge soon) lets gatherings of clients share and explain outlines, remark on information, and see one next to the other examinations of measurements. Chartcube initially propelled on iPad in November and has subsequent to been downloaded 25,000 times. The application at present lets clients transfer Microsoft Excel and CSV records (more features will be included soon), which they can then transform into intuitive pie diagrams and structured presentations with a couple clicks. When it is shared, other colleagues can alter diagrams, make new ones, and visit about the information continuously.

After Chartcube discharges its Android cell phone and tablet applications, it will likewise make a variant for Windows Phone. Next in the pipeline are components asked for by clients, including a presentation mode for Apple AirPlay.

Chartcube’s rivals are organizations, for example, Tableau, which makes cloud-based information devices. It is additionally up against big business informing applications like Slack, which don’t let clients make and alter diagrams, however make it simple to share documents.

Fellow benefactor Pankaj Tibrewal says his organization separates by uniting discussion with information. Before propelling Chartcube, Tibrewal was boss working officer and business head of Pantaloons, one of India’s biggest form retail chains. He likewise put in three years as a McKinsey advisor. In both positions, he perceived how disappointing it is for groups to examine information when they need to email spreadsheets and diagrams forward and backward.  Focusing on data combining efforts on the grounds that we feel it is totally broken. At many, many companys, face the same issue. They utilize PowerPoint to recount a story, however then the association with the information is not there any longer. Important data now should be imparted to more individuals to make it useful, with worldwide groups and cross-practical groups.