Cinematique raises $3.5M

What does Cinematique do?

Cinematique, is the world’s 1st touchable video platform, changing the way the world experiences video. The company was founded by technologists and filmmakers. The company believes in a deeper, more personal way for consuming video in the connected age. It is the Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Company in Video, alongside Dish Networks, Disney, and Vimeo, and was ranked as 100 Most Creative People in China. Its touchable video technology adds utility and depth to video by allowing viewers touch, click or tap on any item of their choice in a video as it moves across the screen. It occurs in a non-interruptive and seamless and way, so that viewers can continue with video watching but dive more into the product info and extra content as they like. One can sign in, save and collect all they touch to get updated on items with new content, product and sales.

How much Cinematique was funded?

Cinematique raised $3.5M Seed funding on November 19, 2015 from Pumori Capital.

Previous funding

$1.9M Angel funding on April 23, 2014 from Karl Alomar, Charles Ortner, Nick Hedges and Innovation Department

What is next for Cinematique?

Over ten million users have been engaged actively  in touching, exploring and shopping from the company’s creator’s videos. The company believes this is only a start to the future of video and it is very much excited to be evolving the medium and carrying its aim to expand globally. The company has launched its touchable video player to the luxury retail and high end fashion market just over a year ago, altering the marketing methods of the brands, distribution and quantifying the success of video.

More about Cinematique

Cinematique was founded on November 1, 2012 by Kyle Heller, Chayse Irvin and Randy Ross. It has its headquarters in New York, NY. It has office also n Hong Kong and Los Angeles. The company believes in a deeper, more personal way of consuming video in the connected age.