What does ColorChip do?

ColorChip, is a company which designs and manufactures optical sub systems and components for the datacom and telecom markets. These sub systems and components are based on ASPICs- Application Specific Photonic Integrates Circuits which leverage the company’s unique and robust PLC technology.  The company was established in 2001, is a pioneer and world’s leading innovator in integrated optical components and sub systems. Its technology enables reliable and scalable and robust high speed communication solutions and networking. It has 2 product lines through which the company delivers industry’s leading high speed optical transceivers to the telecom or datacom markets and PLC splitters to the FTTx markets.

How much ColorChip was funded?

ColorChip raised $25M in Series E funding on November 23, 2015 from BRM Capital, Vintage Investment Partners, Gemini Israel Ventures and Israel Growth Partners.

Previous funding

  • $6.5M on February 21, 2001 from PolyTechnos Venture Partners, Walden Israel Venture Capital and Eurofund
  • $4M in Series A on May 10, 2004 from PolyTechnos Venture Partners, Eurofund and Walden Venture Capital
  • $7.2M in Series B on January 11, 2006 from PolyTechnos Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Walden Israel Venture Capital, Eurofund,Vertex Ventures and Motorola Solutions Venture Capital.
  • $7.5M in Series C on February 20, 2007 from Walden Israel Venture Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Eurofund, PolyTechnos Venture Partners, Vertex Ventures and Motorola Solutions Venture Capital.
  • $15M in Series D from November 1, 2011 from BRM Capital, Vertex Ventures and Gemini Israel Ventures.
  • $5M on October 10, 2012 from Viola Credit

What is next for ColorChip?

ColorChip plans to use the funding for scaling up operations and accelerating its product roadmap. The latest funding’s lead investor IGP General Partner Haim Shani will be joining the company’s  board of directors.

More about ColorChip

ColorChip was founded in 2001 by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse and Prof. Shlomo Rushin. It has its headquarters in Caesarea.