Starting a new company can be one of the most difficult tasks in the business world.
But getting your name to clients is even harder still, that’s were promotional products come in. It’s great having the best product/service on the market but if people don’t know about you, you won’t be getting any business what so ever and to get business you need marketing. One of the best ways to market is to use promotional products, these range from bespoke mugs to printed bags.

Their easy to get manufactured

The reason companies use promotional products is because they can be easy to get manufactured with any type of design that they want, this allows companies to get their name and logo out to the world very easily, just give one of these products to a client or potential client as a sort of gift for choosing your business and it provides an incentive to the client to buy more or to refer you to someone else. In fact, a survey done in the past year found out the 90% of recipients of promotional products would use it on a daily or weekly basic and 87% would keep the product for over a year. This type of exposure could be exceedingly beneficial to a company because on a day to day basis new people could see that product if the recipient takes it in public.

Major events

Getting exposure can be made easy for a business using promotional products, but using promo products at a big event will be like shooting fish in a barrel. At an event like a marathon or music festival people go out in droves to watch the action and what easier way to reach hundreds and thousands of people than this. Using one of these events to your businesses benefit could sky rocket your sales.

Positive impact on the business

A customer that receives a promo product also gets an increased positive opinion of the business because of an increased overall positive image and a more positive perception of the business. Promo products increase a customer’s opinion of a business because it’s a free gift, who doesn’t like a free gift, giving someone, a free gift will make them a lot happier about their time dealing your business and if a customer leaves happy they are highly likely to return.

Products that your client will use

If you give your clients a product that they are likely to use then they will think highly of the business because you took the time to find out what they want. This is why knowing your target audience is important as giving an older client a product such as a fidget spinner will leave a bad taste because it makes your business look childish and inconsiderate as they won’t want something like that. However giving something like that to someone that’s younger would get you points in their bag as it will appeal more.

Choose the right promo products for your business

Just because you have promo products doesn’t mean they will help your business. You must have the right promo products for your business and your clients. An I.T company having a beer glass as their promo product will not be as effective as having a USB stick, this is because a USB stick is worth more to that type of client because they are more likely to use that been in the I.T business. It’s also easier to guess that those types of client will want a USB stick, but giving them a beer glass will be a shot in the dark because they might not even like beer making it worthless to them, thus making it worthless to your business to have that product.