Corgi for Feedly delivers news to your mobile lock screen

corgi app

What does Corgi do?

The startup Corgi is the fastest news generating application, directly on your mobile’s lock screen is available on Google’s play store. Corgi works with the popular news reader Feedly which is now used by 5 million people. Subscribers of feedly can tap onto Corgi’s application to watch the current news and also their content can be synced with mobile lock screen. Users can subscribe to their resources they wish to watch.

Why do we need Corgi?

There are number of startups developing  to convey news to the phone’s lock screen with many features like advertisements, notifications, messaging and more, without allowing users to open their mobile or any application. Corgi followed Google’s material design through which it directly displays news on your phone lock screen. Corgi permits you to swipe up to read the article it displays, or you can swipe to one side to skim to different articles. In the mean time, to just open the mobile, you simply swipe right.

What made Corgi stand out from others?

Users no need to do additional steps to watch the news they wish, corgi allows you to just wake your phone to access to the news they like. Users can easily share the news to their friends via facebook, twitter or any or even can save the article to read later when u get time.

What’s next in Corgi?

Corgi decided to add more new features with rich options in the future, thus making user friendly application. The app in future will let you choose the feeds which you want to be showed on the screen instead of reading every news you can only look at the most important news you wish.