Curse raises $30M

What does Curse do?

Curse, formerly know as, Inc,  is a global multimedia and technology company which creates content and products for gamers. This voice communication platform enables the online gamers to talk to each other while they play. It provides info and tools which help gamers. The portal consists of tools, community sites, videos, databases, live streaming, guides and eSports teams which help the viewers in reaching Curse’s media content through many channels which include desktop applications, websites and videos. The company is passionate about creating the best tools and communities for millions of gamers which use its sites every day.

How much Curse was funded?

Curse has raised $30M in Venture round on July 8th, 2015 from the investor Riot Games.

Previous funding

  • $6M in Series A funding on July 1, 2007 from Cyril Vermeulen, Idinvest Partners Partner: Matthieu Baret
  • $6M in Series A funding on December 28, 2009 from SoftTech VC Partner: Jeff Clavier, Ventech Partner: Alain Caffi
  • $6M in Series B funding on July 8, 2014 from the investors GGV Capital(Lead) Partner: Hans Tung
  • $10M in Series B funding on July 8, 2014

What is next for Curse?

Curse has raised a total of $58M in funding to date and it plans to use its latest fund for promoting its technology development. Hubert Thiebolt, Chief Executive of Curse said the investment will boost the company’s efforts at continuing in creating the best communication tools in gaming.

Curse Voice is competing with other communication programs such as Teamspeak and Skype, but it has more functionality, which includes being able to monitor what games the user’s friends are playing and instantly start voice chatting with them.

More about Curse

Curse was founded in 2006 by Hubert Thiebolt. It has its headquarters in Huntsville, AL. It has sales office in New York, California, Los Angeles, Surrey Hills, London, England, Germany, Berlin, Australia.