Does big data trend useful for HR professionals?

big data

Big Data trend has been quickly evolved in Human resource industry. In reference to SAS 2013 survey in regard to 1,200 companies, organizations with more than 100 employees implement big data by 2018. When a human resource is more concerned about the business then big data is definitely a big deal.

It has growing its service useful in all ways like tracking, analyzing or even sharing the staff regarding information and to know their performance. This employee performance data not only give the result of their performance but also to boost them in order to make them work smart.

Few companies like Container store are making use of Wearable technology in order to track the staff and for the communication between the employees and also the particular environment. Using Big Data, can also improves the performance of the company by identifying the real working employees, also we can track the employees when they are into the work, and also identify the employees who are with an aim to be in their positions.

The very good advantage of Big Data analytics is companies can identify why the staff leave and when do they leave the company, and also know when do they stay in. Using certain service tools that help HR’s identify why employees are wearing down.

With Big Data, HR has a chance to wind up more expository and key in obtaining competitors. Also, this information can help superintendents abstain from making terrible contracts. Twenty-seven percent of head honchos said an awful contract cost them more than $50,000, as per a 2013 CareerBuilder review of more than 6,000 HR experts. Enormous information anticipates huge oversights.