Duetto, the profit optimization technology company raises $30M

What does Duetto do?

Duetto, is the market leader in casino and hotel profit optimization technology. it delivers SaaS applications which help hotels forecast demand, set prices and manage distribution. The company delivers, intelligent, dynamic revenue strategy solutions to the world’s leading hotels, enabling them to increase their profits through superior, actionable data for managing revenue, pricing and business mix decisions much better.

Duetto is optimizing revenue opportunities and reducing the costs, by leveraging a cutting edge cloud architecture, combined with a feature rich product set. The company’s vision extend beyond revenue management to offer a real collaborative, data driven application which serves as a single point of truth across the total hotel enterprise, which leads to an increased visibility, control and ultimately higher profits.

How much Duetto was funded?

Duetto raised $30M in Series C funding on August 4, 2015 from Icon Ventures (Lead), Altimeter Capital, Accel Partners, Leland Pillsbury, Battery Ventures and Marc Benioff

Previous funding

$2.1M in Seed round on April 19, 2012 from Dan Scholnick (Lead), Benchmark and  Battery Ventures Partner: Brian O’Malley

$10.1M in Series A funding on December 11, 2012 from Altimeter Capital (Lead) Partner: Brad Gerstner, Brad Gerstner, Marc Benioff, Battery Ventures (Lead) Partner: Brian O’Malley, Dan Scholnick, Trinity Ventures and Thayer Ventures

$21M in Series B funding on July 9, 2014 from Accel Partners (Lead) Partner: Brian O’Malley, Battery Ventures Partner: Brian O’Malley, Altimeter Capital Partner: Brad Gerstner, Marc Benioff and Leland Pillsbury

What is next for Duetto?

Duetto plans to further extend its global reach. The funding will be used for continuing its growth in region and worldwide.

More about Duetto

Duetto was founded on February 24, 2012 by Marco Benvenuti, Patrick Bosworth and Craig Weissma.  It has its headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The company has an extensive domain expertise in hotel management along with industry leading developers and technologists. This company is the place where insight and innovation combine, delivering the most advanced solutions in the market.