Essay writing service can help you in making good essays

Could you make an essay? Do you know that essay is one important thing for students? One of the keys to success in obtaining a scholarship is being able to write essays well. This is still an important parameter that is always used by reputable universities and scholarship institutions abroad to measure the quality of prospective students. So, how to write a good essay? Jeffrey A. Winters, Chairman of The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) gave the three most essential tips. ‘There are three keys: write an essay in full passion, do not write essays like writing a novel, explain ideas clearly from the first paragraph,’ he said recently.

Winters elaborates that a good essay does not go long. He criticized many writers who actually opened his essay with various backgrounds and then convey the conclusion at the end of writing. This is considered ineffective and likely to make the essay is not ogled scholarship grant.
“Convey the main idea early in the essay, even if the reader may not necessarily understand it immediately. The explanation of the idea can still be done in the second and subsequent paragraphs. So give the best shot on page one, “he explained.

In addition, he also reminded that a good essay writer should be able to anticipate questions that will appear in the reader’s head. The readers of the essay are skeptical readers. While the purpose of writing an essay is to influence or persuade the skeptical readers. “Always remember who you write for. Anticipate the questions that come to mind, and then answer systematically in writing, “he said.

The last point, but no less important, is the matter of plagiarism. Winters said that this point is still a weakness of many prospective scholarship recipients. He reminded, essay writers must include the source quoted by using quotation marks. If attached, though in small portions, will reduce the value of the essay and potentially bring problems later on. “Taking something, someone’s idea or phrase is cheating. No matter how small the sentence or paragraph is quoted, it should still be quoted even if it is only two words. If you do not take the sentence but use another person’s idea, tell me where it came from. ”

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