Explainer Videos 101 – Art of video creation


In the art of video creation, explainer videos are taking the world by an impressive storm. The explainer videos are short animated video clips that seek to give information about a product or talk more about a company. The videos are also used for educational purposes in explaining several concepts.

In the world of branding and advertisement, the use of these videos cannot be underrated and have boosted the visibility of several firms. There is much behind the concept of explainer videos that you should know prior to going with its flow. Let us have a look at some of the things you need to know about the videos.

Purpose Of The Explainer Videos

The explainer videos are useful in various settings as we can see below.

  • Advertising

The most widespread use of explainer videos is in advertising and branding. The videos bring light to the existence of a product same to its uses. The simplicity aspect utilized in the creation of the videos allows for easy grasping of the information as well as generating and maintaining the interest of the target audience.

  • Education

The videos are also extensively used for educational purposes to explain several concepts. Once again, the simplicity of the videos comes into play in making the explained concept easy to grasp and understand. For this reason, explainer videos are present in classrooms and also tutorial sites. Some online manuals are also captured perfectly in the short animated clips.

  • Traffic Generation

The creativity that is used by most of the videos generates interest from many quarters. The interest generated equals to traffic which is one of the major driving forces behind several websites. The generated traffic can easily convert to sales making it a worthy venture.

Attributes To Look For In A Good Explainer Video

There are several attributes that you need to be conversant with so that you end up with a commendable end product in your short animated clip.

Some of the key attributes of a good explainer video are:

  • Quality

The quality needs to be on top so that it can get several views and also pass its message effectively. When talking of quality the focal points are the sound and image quality. Get a good explainer video company with vast expertise to be sure of a nice video clip.

  • Relate With The Target Audience

The explainer video should be able to relate to the needs of the target audience to get the intended viewership. If your target audience is the techies, ensure that the subject matter relates to their needs.

  • Creativity

Creativity is key in grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping them hooked. Be a little casual to get their attention.

  • Simplicity

Simplicity should not be overlooked as it helps in grasping the content being shared or explained in the video.


Explainer videos are soon going to be the in thing in several aspects of our lives. They can be used in several settings with utter effectiveness in passing the intended message owing to their simplicity. For a good video, you need to contact a standout explainer video company for the best services.