Fantastic Services And Software That Make Marketing Easy


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Marketing can be quite difficult and time-consuming, even if it is your full-time career. There are so many different bases that you need to cover, particularly if you’re working online. You need to think about social media, SEO, AdWords and other services. It can all become quite a challenge for a sole marketing, a DIY business owner or a small team. That’s why these people are going to need ways to make things a little easier. The answer, undoubtedly, is technology. Tech and software solutions could easily allow you to market without the added pressure. Here are some examples.

Automated SEO


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You have to be careful with automated SEO. Especially, if you are a business owner attempting to DIY your marketing campaign. You can not fall into the trap of using an SEO service that will earn you a Google Penalty. That said, there are reliable forms of automated SEO available for purchase on the market. Using these, you won’t need to worry about the dangers of penalties. You can add SEO to your site quickly and then check for any errors. It is certainly faster than adding keywords, links, and other useful details separately. Have a look online to look for the best automated SEO possibilities.

Bid Management


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PPC is a great way for marketers to ensure that their clients are at the top of the SERPs. Or, more accurately the search results that are not organic. However, people often oversimplify PPC. They think that it’s just a case of paying off the service. Marketers have to decide which words to bid on and buy for their client. It can be difficult handling these bids and keeping clients and the top of the list. That’s where PPC bid management comes in handy. Rather than facing the possibility of heavy costs for bids, each one can be handled effortlessly. You’ll still get the words you need at the best possible price.

Video Software


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What’s the most powerful form of marketing online? Content and specifically, videos. If you can make videos that are appealing for marketing purposes, you will find great success. The trick is making sure that getting the videos ready is cheap and a fast process. Luckily, there’s plenty of software that makes this a real possibility. You can create videos in minutes and have them uploaded in seconds. Don’t forget; you can also use social media like Snapchat to boost a company online. Customers always respond well to these quick, promotional videos. Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best.

Press Releases

Finally, you may want to use press release articles to promote your business or a client’s company. You can create these press releases by using automated creation software. Key in the specific details for the client and the software will do the rest. Rather than spending a couple of minutes producing the release, it will take minutes. It’s then ready to post online and build up the profile of the company. This software is still in infancy stages right now, but it’s improving every day. There are beta software packages online and available for testing right now.


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