Your First 1000 Followers: A Free and Easy Instagram Marketing Guide

Social media marketing has become very important nowadays, and if you are trying to run a successful business, you will need a good social media marketing strategy. And when it comes to social media platforms the picture sharing website Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting your business. Though you will have to work hard when your account is new, and you have fewer followers. Here is a free and easy Instagram marketing guide that will help you get your first 1000 followers easily.

1. Define your goal

If you want to gain your first 1000 followers on Instagram in lesser time, then the first of the many things would be defining your goal. You cannot just make an Instagram account for your business without having a focused goal. Take measure of your business know your strengths and weaknesses and on that basis define your goal and start posting according to that.

2. Know your audience

When you are setting up a social media marketing account on Instagram, you are bound to know about your audience on the platform. Keep in mind the fact that what you are selling and what your business has to offer and with that, start studying your audience on Instagram and get a deep insight and understanding of them including what kind of posts they like to see and in what way you can appeal them through your Instagram account. You are not your target audience so you would have to dig deeper into this one, dig more than just demographics and get to know what they like and how they talk and try to speak their language.

3. Find the right hashtag

Hashtags are very important in social media marketing, and with the right hashtag, you can gain followers on Instagram fast. Be creative with your hashtag and pick the one that not only just defines your business but is also used by your audience frequently.  Also look for what hashtags in your industry that is being already used by your competitors and how can they be helpful to you.

4. Giveaway gifts with the help of Influencers

For gaining more followers, you can always take help of influencers in your industry to proceed. An influencer is someone who influences audience for you is part of your industry but not a competitor.  Promote your account with the help of influencers by asking people to participate in lucky draws and win prizes. We all know who does not like free things? So you can always count on this one.

5. Host your own Instagram contest

You can always host your own Instagram contest, and you can ask people to participate in it by promoting you using hashtags.  Allow as many people as you can in the contest and the end you can pick a winner and you can give them a memorable gift. An Instagram contest always attracts more audience and is a proven way of gaining more followers.