First Sign offering products that could save your life being attacked

irst sign wearables

What does First Sign Do?

First Sign, a start up available in the Apple play store and Google store, generally used as a security system that can detect automatically if you are in trouble from attackers, crimes and more. It collects the proofs and also alerts you from being attacked for just $5 per month.

Why do we need First Sign?

If you are in any troublesome area and no one can reach you even if you shout then, First Sign helps you. It has certain features that could save you are listed below:

Do you chat while walking? A wearable Pod with an accelerometer Bluetooth device connects to your Smartphone, rings automatically with an aloud alarm asking for a help without disturbing you.

A Bluetooth sun-glass alerts you from your skull like a security agent and instantly calls to the emergency contacts present in the app.

What made First Sign stand out from others?

  • Provides you the peace of mind without allowing you to undergo any kind of tensions.
  • It finds the attackers with the evidence.
  • Surprises you with the automatic generated operations without disturbing you.
  • Provides solutions from being attacked to any kind of situation in your daily life.

What’s new in First Sign?

First Sign also provides a belt clip worth $15 and also a headband worth $10 available on First Sign online store. First Sign is aiming for the more safety devices that could help you in a better way to protect yourself.