FoodPanda: Food delivery was never so easy

What does FoodPanda Do? is a small group of designers, problem solvers, thinkers who work constantly to make their company the most potent online tool for delivering food around the globe. They believe that ordering foodstuff should be simple, fast and certainly fun!

Why do we need FoodPanda?

Do you stay in the office for your lunch? Are you tired of the same boring takeaways? Are you wondering what food is available near you? All these problems have a solution, FoodPanda. It is an online menu of all the delivery eateries near you. The restaurant directory includes the complete address and delivery hours as well. Food delivery service was never so easy before!

What makes FoodPanda stand out from others?

FoodPanda stands above other food delivery services primarily owing to its UX, the simplicity of the website as well as the mobile apps and after that the most important part is the ordering, which is even simpler and trouble-free.

FoodPanda has enclosed each and every city completely granulating down to the sub-areas that helps in locating the nearest service. They connect people to the close by places which offers budget meals that fits to the pocket.

What’s Next of FoodPanda? has taken over a domestic rival named which is a Pune-based ornament Info Services Pvt. Ltd., for an unrevealed amount. It has some more plans for future which it will execute in near future.