Geek Pulse: ultra-high definition audio

LH Labs

What is Geek pulse for?

Geek pulse is an audio converter device that is capable of producing ultra-high definition audio. Generally we are able to hear music because of a device that converts the digital audio to analog. Normally. Human ears are unable to listen to digital audio; hence the conversion is quint essential.  This is where geek pulse does its job and does it in the best possible way.

How much is Geek pulse Crowd Funded?

It is currently crowd funded at $1174075 while it was pledged of $38000 goal. It has a total of 1262 backers.

Is Geek pulse useful and exciting?

Geek pulse is extremely useful for those people who have a passion of listening to music. It connects with your smartphone, desktop and even with your digital music players and ends up in producing superb high definition audio sounds. Although it is designed for the audiophiles but still, it is priced for the general populace. With crystal clear audio sounds geek pulse can change the overall experience of listening to music and other audio.

More of Geek pulse?

Geek pulse is the best at what it does but is a bit incomplete without its partner. Geek pulse comes along with geek LPS and then these devices join in to produce the most stunning audio ever. Geek lps provides smooth flow of A.C. to geek pulse. This receipt of smooth current flow enables the geek pulse to render its job in the best way ever. Hence geek pulse and geek LPS are complimentary to each other.