Gfycat raises $10M Seed funding

What does Gyfcat do?

Gyfcat, is the world’s largest platform for user generated  short form video. This GIF hosting allows users in creating, discovering and sharing GIFs via their computers and mobile phones. Avid video creators Jeff Harries, Dan McEleney and Richard Rabbat, saw a big shift in consumer behavior in early 2013 as the rise of mobile communications led to short communication forms proliferation, from texts to tweets to emojis. They incorporated this company last year to usher in a new era of short form content, pushing the boundaries of user interaction and visual quality. By skillfully employing video technology for delivering silent, short, looping experience, this company addresses the major deficiencies which plagued the original .gif format: its huge size, which caused slow loading times, and its limited color palette. While this company was still a garage project, it had transformed the industry, and has since originally built the biggest global community of producers.

How much Gyfcat was funded?

The company raised $10M on September 22, 2016 from Keval Desai,  Great Oaks Venture Capital, Streamlined Ventures,  Tekton Ventures,Partech Ventures,  StartX, Pear, Alsop Louie Partners and You & Mr Jones Brandtech Ventures.

What is next for Gyfcat?

GYfcat plans to use the funding raised for supporting user created short form content to over seventy five million viewers every month, while the open API will answer the developers demands who are seeking to use the platform for innovative and new applications.

More about Gyfcat

Gyfcat was founded in 2015 by Dan McEleney and Richard Rabbat. It has its headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company has hosted around two and a half million unique content creators, who have created twenty-five million GYFCATs. These users range from visual artists creating animated works to gamers who share their achievements. This platform is a vehicle for delivering every kind of short form content seamlessly.