What does Grow do?
Grow, is a company which provides powerfully simple business intelligence dashboard software for small and medium businesses. The company offers the simplest way of pulling scattered data from hundreds of sources such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, databases, spreadsheets and others for creating custom, real time dashboards. The company’s data specialists coordinated with the users for implementing the users dashboard and solving their unique data challenges. With this company, enterprise quality data insights can be attained by any business. The founded started this company to solve a problem he experienced personally. He had a huge data problem in his last company and they had to manually transfer data from many apps into their spreadsheets every month. By the time they had completed compilation, a lot of info was out of date. The solutions which were available were either very expensive or complicated. So, out of this problem Grow was born.
How much Grow was funded?
The company raised $9M in Series A on July 13, 2016 from BYU Cougar Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Peterson Ventures, Kickstart Seed Fund, Pelion Venture Partners and Toba Capital.
Previous funding
$1.5M on December 11, 2014 from Pelion Venture Partners, Pluralsight, Aaron Skonnard, Peterson Ventures,  Kickstart Seed Fund,Haxee Ventures and BYU Cougar Capital.
$2M on January 7, 2016 from Jeremy Andrus, Peterson Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Aaron Skonnard and Kickstart Seed Fund.
What is next for Grow?
The company is releasing an update version of its product, which features simpler ways of manipulating data and new integration such as Intercom and Jira, which totals more than 80 data sources. Other key features include dashboard templates and duplication, automated emailed PDF reports, data groupd analysis and new visualizations. These new features establish the company as in invaluable tools for data driven business. Also Vinny Smith, founder of Toba Capital has joined this company’s board of directors.
More about Grow
Grow was founded in 2014 by Rob Nelson and Ryan Nelson. It has its headquarters in Provo, UT.