Guildery Raises $2.1 Million

What does Guildery do?

Guildery,is an e-commerce company which is using pioneering technology for creating mass customization for home products. It is making color coordination from home easy via digitally printed fabrics. Home décor is a $200 billion industry which consists of high end made to order products at one end and mass produced goods at the other end. This startup aims in bringing personalization to home goods without the high prices and time associated with the artisan customization. It leverages on high quality digital printing techniques which chemically bond the ink and fabric. It offers a huge range of patterns and fabrics on demand.

How much Guildery was funded?

Guildery raised $2.1M in Seed round on May 21st, 2015 from the investors BBG Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, SoftTech VC and Forerunner Ventures.

What is next for Guildery?

Guildery’s new funding comes at a time when it is expanding its retail presence and it planning to bring out new online tools which will enable consumers in customizing the fabrics colors offered on its site.

More about Guildery?

Guildery was founded on October 1st, 2013 by Shane Reilly, ex-founder of Decorati and Kelly Berger and ex- technical co founder of Tinyprints. It has its headquarters in California. This is an ecommerce company which uses technology by offering digitally printed fabrics and other home accessories such as ottomans, pillows, drapes and a lot more. This startup was launched to solve a problem which consumers often have to face when it comes to home decorations. Many people do not have much idea where to place the colors and patterns together for completing a room. Guildery solves this problem by offering a range of collections in different styles, thus simplifying decorating.

With an online editor, customers can virtually drape fabrics over the individual  items to see how they look and can place things next to each other for viewing how a certain piece pairs with the other.