Hipstatmatic discloses DSPO, A new IOS application for photography


Hipstamatic is a new photography service company, providing many services to make your world look more beautiful and interesting too. Its offerings include Snaps magazine, IncrediBooth applications and many more which provide features like photography, painting, art, editing of the pictures, sharing of the images etc.

Applications now days include all the tools, which can have the capacity to imitate any new kind of photography evolved recently. Hipstatmatic, a mobile photography service, is now dealing on to introduce its new IOS application called DSPO.

Who is DSPO for?

DSPO has been introduced in 2011 with a name Hipstamatic D-series, with millions of downloads but with few problems included. The company believed that they can solve those problems with the Apple’s new Cloudkit, rather Hipstamatic facing many different competitive applications in the market than what it did 3 years ago. The company is now aiming to attract the customers with all the newly added features, with which users can invite their buddies in front of the camera through facebook. DSPO can be downloaded free from the App’s store.

What does DSPO do?

DSPO allows users to shoot pictures with their gang of friends, but the little important feature in it is that, people cannot see those pictures till a period of time until everyone get finished with the shooting, rather they can know the clues like what does the pictures include, where do those pictures taken, what was the mood of those images example happy, sad, angry etc.

More about DSPO:

App has many features like social camera, which allows users to take shoot and then upload to social media. In addition to this, DSPO includes many funny features like in-app messenger for the shoot, tools for drawing and more. DSPO’S fun features make its service as unique comparing to all other similar applications. In case you are at a show and the band tweets out a connection to their cam for the show, everybody can contribute and you will get the occasion from every diverse edge. This works for weddings, celebrations, outdoors trips and many events. It’s the longing to need to be a piece of the cam that will get individuals to download.