Locon Solutions: A map based real estate giant

Locon Solutions

What does Locon Solutions do?

Locon Solutions.com is the owner of a map based real estate search portal which goes by the name of housing.com. This portal shows valuable info regarding nearby restaurants, schools or grocery stores on the website.

Why do we need Locon Solutions?

Locon Solutions Housing.com lets you know about various aspects regarding property dealing, rented accommodation and sale and purchase of land and building. This online service makes it easier for the prospective buyer or the customer to gain information regarding real estate.

Who is Locon Solutions for?

Locon Solutions is for those people who are trying to find a suitable rented accommodation or for people who are interested in sale and purchase of real estate. Further, online facility eases out the whole process.

What makes Locon Solutions stand out from others?

Locon solutions is the only company that believes in rendering precise and accurate information in relation with real estate, upcoming commercial projects and housing projects. From providing info regarding rented pg accommodations and big housing projects they have created a huge database. Their online portal ‘housing.com’ assists individuals in locating their desired destinations in the vicinity.

What’s Next of Locon Solutions?

With an authorized share capital of more than 2 crore rupees, Locon solutions is on its way to become the no. 1 online portal providing exact and appropriate info regarding different aspects of rent and real estate. Their user base varies from people seeking property on rent to investors interested in vesting huge amounts for upcoming housing or commercial projects.