Businesses nowadays cannot survive, let alone thrive, without doing a decent amount of marketing. And while most companies rely on traditional methods of getting their name out—doing such things as mailing print ads, creating television commercials, and engaging with customers on social media accounts—there’s another option that is quickly emerging as a strong contender in the marketing arena. It’s called podcasting.

If you’re not familiar, podcasting involves creating an audio or video file on a specific topic or set of topics that users can immediately listen to or download for offline enjoyment later. Edison Research reports that this particular medium is growing 21 to 24 percent annually, but why should your business consider being part of this growth?

Benefits of Podcasting

First and foremost, hosting a podcast establishes you as an expert in your field. Through repeated exposure to your business, listeners come to learn how much knowledge you have in your particular field. This makes you a sort of mentorfor them on the topics that you discuss.

This is a concept that Tai Lopez fully embraces in his podcasts designed to help his listeners create “the Good Life” by making positive changes to what he refers to as the four pillars: health, wealth, love, and happiness. By sharing what he’s learned in these categories during his journey from sleeping on his mother’s couch to now working with multi-million dollar businesses as an investor, partner, and advisor, Tai has become a mentor to listeners who are seeking the same transformational results.

Podcasting also helps your listeners get to know, like, and trust you—the three keys of successful marketing. Over time, you become more than just a voice. You become a trusted friend, someone that they look to for advice. This puts you in a prime position to offer your products and services in a way that they’ll likely be better received.

Businesses that podcast also gain the benefit of being invited into their customer’s lives versus constantly trying to find ways to get in. Furthermore, by regularly offering insight, advice, and commentary that the listener can take in at a time that’s most convenient for them, such as when they’re exercising or trying to pass time during their commute, your business becomes more memorable than any ad you can put on the radio or pamphlet you can place in their mailbox.

Podcasting Options

If you’re ready to experience the value of podcasting so you can better grow your business, you have two basic options. The first is to create your own podcast. This gives your customer base a dedicated channel where they can hear from you day after day or week after week, further strengthening your relationship to the point where they become a valued customer.

Another option is to appear as a guest on other people’s podcast, which you can easily do by signing up on sites like Interview Guests Directory. Until you’re comfortable going out on your own, this can be a great way to learn more about podcasting in general by watching what that host does and doesn’t do. It also gets you in front of their listeners at the same time, which helps you expand your business reach. The best part is it does it without it affecting your budget as guest appearances are often free.

Podcasting can help you grow your business by establishing you as an expert in your field, helping your customers get to know you better, and meeting with them on their terms. Whether you get into it by setting up your own podcast or by first appearing on someone else’s, your business can grow bigger and stronger, becoming more resilient, when you take this route. That is the goal, isn’t it?