How to create a logo online for your Business with Turbologo

A logo is the face of an organization!!!

Having an eye-catching logo is as important as creating high-quality products or services for your business. A brand logo plays an important part in making your business a successful one. Creating an effective logo is crucial for various reasons such as grabs attention, make a powerful first impression, differentiate your brand from competitors, improves brand loyalty and more.

Want to create a logo for your business? Yes!!! Hiring a designer is an expensive and time-consuming process. No more worries!!! There are various logo making tools available online. Most of the applications have limited fonts, colours and styles. TurboLogo is here to rescue. It is a popular application to create a logo online. Creating a customized logo within a few minutes using TurboLogo. You don’t need to be an expert to create a customized logo for your business. With Turbologo creating a brand logo is simple and easy. The online logo maker tool offers easy-to-use editor.

Attractive Features of TurboLogo

Create a unique logo for free: Creating a brand logo and customizing with special effects is absolutely free. Users can select colour palettes and icons to create customize logos. Make sure your brand logo is simple and efficient. Thereby, people can easily identify your brand. Creating an attractive logo is now easier with TurboLogo. You don’t need to hire a graphical designer to create a unique brand logo. Enjoy outstanding design at TurboLogo for free. Pay for the logo to remove the watermark on the logo.

Ease-to-use editor: Relax!!! You don’t need to be an expert to design a customized logo. Start creating a unique logo using TurboLogo. This application offers a user-friendly editor. The person with zero designing skills can create outstanding logos. All you need to follow the simple instructions and design a logo. On top of everything, you don’t need to spend months to check the first drafts. Your brand logo will be crafted within a few minutes.

Thousands of logo templates: TurboLogo team will work for you. The professional designer has created outstanding templates for you. Therefore you can create an eye-catching logo within a few minutes. TurboLogo tool provides thousands of logo templates. Choose the perfect template for your brand. If you’re not satisfied with the current logo, start customizing by changing the layout, font, colours, shapes, text and icons until you design the perfect logo.

Design a unique image: Businesses should truly focus on two major things such as creating quality products and designing a recognizable brand image. TurboLogo is here to help you out. Creating a brand logo is simple with TurboLogo. Your brand logo will generate better results and make your brand successful. Play with the colour palettes and icons to design a cool brand logo.

Step by step procedure to create a logo using TurboLogo

Creating a brand logo with TurboLogo is as easy as peeling a banana. Within a few simple steps, you can create an amazing logo for your business.

Step 1: Enter your brand name and niche. For example, enter company name as ‘JustCoffee’, slogan as ‘Eat & Enjoy’ and enter your company industry as ‘Cafe’. Click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 2: TurboLogo provides an inspiration colour palette. You can pick any 3 from it. After tapping on your favourite palette, click on the continue button. Make a note, your logo design will be a combination of your selected colour palette.

Step 3: It’s time to choose the icon for your brand logo. There are thousands of icons available in TurboLogo. Just type the keyword in the search bar and tap on the search button. That’s it!!! You can get an unlimited icon with different styles and models. Let’s consider coffee as a keyword. There are a wide range of coffee icons available. Choose from different categories such as espresso, coffee bean, caffeine, coffee berry and more.

Step 4: Choose any 5 coffee icons for your brand logo and click on “Generate logos”.

Step 5: Hurray!!! There are thousands of templates available for you. It’s a combination of selected colour palette and icons. Checkout every design and pick the best one from it.

Step 6: Want to add special effects? Yes!!! Go ahead by editing the logo. On the left-hand side, you can find icons, shapes, text and background. Make your own choice and customize your brand. Click on the “Download logo” button.


TurboLogo offers three plans such as Lite, Standard and Business. Pick the perfect plan that meets your requirement.

TurboLogo Lite:

The Lite plan offers one logo file. The width of the logo will be 1024px. The image will be similar to the preview. The image doesn’t include a transparent background. The TurboLogo is the perfect choice for the brand that doesn’t focus on a transparent background. The logo can be used as a profile picture for an organization. TurboLogo Lite plan starts at $9 onwards.

TruboLogo Standard:

  • High-quality brand logo with original and transparent background. 
  • The quality of the image is 2048px.
  • Use a high-quality brand logo on graphics and social media platforms.
  • Vector logos can be opened and edited in graphic design tools.
  • Use vector files for various design works such as a menu, digital signature, brochure and more.
  • TurboLogo provides complete copyright ownership. It cannot reproduce your logo design without your permission.
  • Get a chance to change your brand logo multiple times within one-month after purchase.
  • Have any queries, TurboLogo customer team will assist you round the clock. TurboLogo provides one-week customer support. Get instant support through live chat and email.
  • TurboLogo standard plan starts at $14 onwards.

TurboLogo Business:

  • Get business documents with your brand logo.
  • Personal cards and business cards are available in PDF and PNG files. It includes the brand name, logo, contacts and designation
  • Get an empty document with your brand logo on a letterhead.
  • TerboLogo provides an envelope on both PDF and PNG formats with complete information of your company.
  • Use a business package for printing personal and business cards.
  • Social media kit offers more than 18 logs. These files are optimized according to search engine guidelines. These logos perfectly work on Facebook, YouTube, VK, Instagram and Twitter. The logos are sent to your email after purchase.
  • TurboLogo business plan starts at $49 onwards.


A powerful logo will reveal your identity, earn new customers, improve brand recognition and more. Since the brand logo is visual and memorable, the audience will remember your brand name for a longer period. For example, a Fossil logo on the watch is just enough to sell the watch. Design a logo that represents your company with TurboLogo. Pay attention to your brand colour, shape, font and icons. Also, while designing the logo make sure your brand logo delivers the exact message about your business. Create a unique logo within a few simple clicks using TurboLogo.