How to Set Up An Office Space to Improve Employee Functions

Your new business needs sufficient space in order for your employees to function efficiently. Click here to learn how to set up an office space so that your employees are happy and healthy at work.

Creating a new business is no easy task, harder still is when ideas start to become a reality. You’ll find yourself asking how to set up an office, where will your employees work?

Desks and chairs are a given, but if this is as far as your vision for an office space goes then you have a lot to consider.

Your office is an incredible organism and if one piece fails there can be consequences throughout the entire system. You may think this means that functionality is the most important, making the most of what space you have to offer.

Yes, and no.

You have to make the most of that space, but you must know how to do that and appeal to your employees at the same time. They’re the ones you count on.

How To Set Up an Office

There are some requirements for every office. Some may seem less important than others, but even the smallest adjustment can have big gains for your company if it improves office moral.

Every office space is different. It will be up to you to decide what your unique company requires. However, for both general usability and the needs of your employees, a few standards need to be met.

Room with a View

There’s could be an entire second office checklist for where you should set up your business office. Not to mention the qualities of the building itself.

Here are just a few considerations.

  • Noise level
  • Ease of access
  • Parking
  • Safety
  • Local restaurants
  • Window placement

Yes, window placement. If an hour of your employees’ day is spent trying to dodge the glare on their screen they’re not able to work effectively. You can combat this with a proper building choice or your desk configuration.

The point is little details matter.

It’s your job to give your employees a comfortable, safe, and functioning environment so they can do their best for you.

Keep It Simple

Everything should have a place and that place should be easy to understand. Not just for you, but your employees as well.

To you, it may make sense that all the sharp objects: scissors, staples, letter openers, and butter knives all go in the same place, but what about everyone else?

Keep supplies where they need to be used and easily maintained. The less work your employees have to do to manage organization the happier they’ll be and the faster they’ll be able to work.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that there are enough supplies for everybody. If you have fifteen workers and one office stapler you’re going to have fights. If it happened in grade school it will happen in your office.

Sharing is caring until a five o’clock deadline is breathing down your neck.

These rules apply to files as well. While most businesses are going digital that doesn’t mean you won’t still have plenty of hard copies of your data to manage.

Make sure that your filing system is simple and easily understandable. Not only does this help your current employees navigate their environment more quickly but it will save you time when you need to train new recruits.

Office Space

Desk space, to be precise.

Giving your employees the room they need to work is paramount in setting up an office space. How much space and what type of desks can vary based on your company needs.

A popular method for employee comfort is to give them an electric standing desk. This option allows for the user to adjust their desk not only to a height that best suits them, but to stretch their legs and stay healthier while they work.

Creative businesses often benefit from open spaces and shared desks, while focus oriented jobs need more private quarters. Cubicles aren’t terrible, so long as they still allow your workers the space they need both for their work and between other employees.

Nothing will cause office conflict faster than two conflicting personalities in the same shared space.

Love Thy Neighbor

Your employees are the most important part of your office.

Squeezing your workers together like sardines won’t help them bond, which means you have to take extra steps. Sometimes even go outside the office setting.

Team building activities may have become the butt of jokes, but properly utilized they are invaluable.

When setting up an office space you have the opportunity to start all office relationships at square one. Set the right building blocks down and you can have a thriving workplace thanks to your employees’ desire to help each other and make the company grow.

Take time to let everybody get to know each other and make sure you get to know them as well. Team loyalty will make for a happier, more productive, work environment.

Digital Get Down

Technology is invaluable in any office setting.

Yes, computers are required, but what type will you provide? Macs are more expensive but have a simple user interface, PCs are more common and easily upgraded.

What about your internet? The best computers in the world will do little good if you can’t connect with your customers.

You know how frustrating it is to wait for a page to load when you’re at home, imagine how stressful it is for your employees when their reputation is at stake.

Technology is meant to make your workers’ lives easier, not slow them down. Make sure that they have the tools they need to work at the speed you want them to.

You can’t complain when it’s the supplies you provide and not the people, that are at fault.

Start up Your Startup

Knowing how to set up an office is not easy. A lot of what you’ll learn comes from experience but we’ll be here to provide plenty of opportunities to learn more.

Whether you’re creating an online business or creating your own office setting we will always have plenty of helpful advice to help you on your way.

Build, grow, and create the company of your dreams.