How To Finally Decide on a Name for Your Blog

If you’ve wanted to start a blog in the past but found yourself derailed by one part or another of getting set up and taking the blog live, chances are that one of your major stumbling blocks was deciding on a name. Even seasoned influencers occasionally find themselves puzzled when it comes to figuring out what they should call a new venture!

You might have been turned off by the idea of using a name generator in the past due to generic or irrelevant results, but with new options like Namify’s blog name generator, you can use the power of technology to find exactly the right moniker for your blog, no matter how specific your niche is.

Using Namify for Your Blog

To create blog names, Namify needs to know what type of blog you’re running—i.e., which category of topics you’ll cover most often—and a few more specific keywords that describe the things that make your blog special. The keyword input technology is where you can let your own creativity and vision shine. For instance, if you’re a food blogger who wants to start a blog chronicling your efforts to cook every meal at home for an entire year, you could select the food category, and then use keywords like “365,” “homemade,” “gourmet,” or “home chef” to capture the themes your blog will evoke.

Making a Shortlist and Choosing Your Name

With your input, Namify will generate thousands of options for your new blog name! You might see several ideas you like, so shortlist your favorites and keep in mind that there’s more than one right name for your project. To clarify your choices, reflect on:

  • The topics you’ll write about most on your blog
  • Which of your favorite names are most visually descriptive
  • How each name sounds when you say it aloud
  • Whether your name makes sense when compared to other blogs in your niche

With so many websites live on the internet, picking a domain can be difficult, but Namify lets you integrate premium domain extensions like .fun or .online into your naming process, which both frees you from changing your blog’s name to secure a unique web address and makes your site look stylish and professional. Once you’ve chosen a domain, check on the availability of social media account handles that coordinate with your blog’s new name; to promote your blog successfully, you’ll have to be active on all the social media channels where your readers are most likely to be.

Putting It All Together With Design

You can’t have a great blog without great content, but it’s not just the information on your website that draws in new visitors—it’s the design. If you went with a custom domain from Namify, you can use BuildMyLogo to design your own logo for free, even if you don’t have access to Photoshop or other design software.

There are more options than ever for online content creators who need to impress their viewers with attractive designs, but don’t have the time or background in graphic design to start from scratch. Beyond designing a professional-looking logo, you can use tools like Canva to build emails, blog posts, and downloadable content from designer-approved templates. To build the website itself, there are plenty of sites geared for blog designs, like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly. If you have a little experience with coding, you may want to consider WordPress, which is a highly customizable, blogging-friendly web design platform.

Finally going live with the blog you’ve always dreamed of publishing doesn’t have to be a struggle. With tools like Namify to help you settle on a name for your blog and your website quickly, you can focus on what you really want to do—create amazing content.