Jetme introduced a new feature to its service called “name your price”


Who is Jetme for?

Jetme is a new startup company working on private flying, which includes the simple pay to pay model for its customers around the world. Jetme can make its own innovation, unlike other competitors who wager on the deals or the proprietorship on well- known courses. On the back-end, JetMe is pulling a flying machine stock from representatives, private plane proprietors and airplane administration organizations into a solitary database.

What does Jetme do?

JetMe, attempting to make booking a private plane less difficult and more moderate, discharged another service today called “Name Your Price.” This feature lets users search for a private flight, and pick a value that they are willing to pay. JetMe illuminates you how likely it is that you’ll get that course, at your chose cost. It brings down your offer, obviously, down your shot of catching a plane.

More about Jetme:

The private flight business sector is not known for its liquidity and straightforwardness. Planes flying unfilled legs to get travelers is a normally refered to issue keeping costs high. As indicated by JetMe, the merchant business for private flights hasn’t changed in decades, and merchants keep costs escaped clients to keep their bonus rate up. What will be intriguing to see is what number of individuals has been on the cusp of having the capacity to manage the cost of private flight. I assume that that demographic will be JetMe’s first gathering of people, given that different classifications of individuals who may fly private probably as of now have an answer set up. The startup will need to change over the recent gathering also, yet what segment of its clients won’t have flown private before will be a measurement to quantify.

What’s next in Jetme?

JetMe takes in information on where the planes actually are, and when they are accessible, and afterward runs it through calculation to propose a workable offer to the client. You can go for a lower cost than any other. JetMe has raised $400,000 to date and now it is looking forward to raise a $1.5 million round of capital in future. The organization is a group of nine, basically situated in Ukraine. JetMe could fabricate, UberPool kind of administration, on courses where it has authentic notes concerning interest. In the event that various revelers needed to leave Las Vegas at a comparable time and there was an approach to part the expense of the plane with individuals you don’t have any acquaintance with, it could push costs lower.