Kitchenbowl, the community for cooking enthusiasts Raises $1M

What does Kitchenbowl do?

Kitchenbowl, is a community for those who are enthusiastic about cooking and want to share and discover new recipes. This company is building out both mobile and web for easy content creation and for distribution and reach respectively. Kitchenbowl allows people to post step by step photos and instructions which can be followed easily along and understood visually.

It is a social community for foodies to share and discover recipes. You can showcase your kitchen creations and inspire one another here. It is a photo cookbook which is authored by people you trust. Here you can be featured, increase your fan base and be heard.


How much Kitchenbowl was funded?

The startup has raised $1 M in seed round on March 25th, 2015 from Indicator Fund, Chasing Unicorns, Andy Liu, Rob Greyber and Jon Staenberg.

What is next for Kitchenbowl?

The seed round was led by Jon Staenberg, with the participation of Sugar Mountain Capital of AllRecipes investor, Rob Greyber, president of Egencia, Indicator Fund, Chasing Unicorns and others. Bill Moore, former AllRecipes CEO has agreed to join the advisory board.

The eventual goal of Kitchenbowl is to cover the ecosystem by allowing the users to buy the ingredients for the recipes. Kitchenbowl could also partner with one of the existing recipe and ingredient delivery service. It could become the Etsy for small food brands.

More about Kitchenbowl

Kitchenbowl was founded in  2013 by Serena Wu and Ryan Waliany, the husband and wife team. It is hard to understand the many steps of cooking a recipe when you Google it, but with Kitchenbowl, the recipes are broken down step by step and each step is illustrated with a photos or a GIF, where you can see how the chef did a part of the recipe exactly.

Kitchenbowl app highlights different cooks and recipes; you can also find new content by following other users.