Exposing your business is one of the most important tasks that any company needs to do. It’s an ongoing journey and not something you stop and start whenever you feel like it. Your marketing team (if you have one) should always be on the prowl for new opportunities that can give your business a boost. This could be through the use of digital media, it could involve social media or it could just involve traditional marketing tricks.

One of the most effective ways to expose your business is to actually attend a trade show. These large-scale events are perfect for a variety of things, including (but not limited to):


  • Networking – with so many people from your industry in a single place, you’ll get to speak with allies and competitors alike as well as investors and potential customers
  • Hiring – a lot of talent attends trade shows, which is what makes it a fantastic place to look for new talent if you’re struggling in your office. You can find new artists, writers, workers or even designers at trade shows. With a bit of talking, you might be lucky enough to grab one from a competitor and convince them that life is greener on the other side of the fence.


These are just a couple of the advantages of attending a trade show, but in this article, we’ll be going through how you can make the most of these benefits. With a bit of planning, you’ll find that it’s rather straightforward and simple to create a fantastic trade show booth that will knock everyone’s socks off and implant your business’s name into their minds.

Admit it; is this your first time attending a trade show?

If this is your first time visiting a trade show (let alone showing a product) then you need to understand the importance of first impressions. Your initial impression is going to define who you are, what your business is about and how seriously people take you. Word spreads fast, so even if you haven’t interacted with someone before, they might already have an idea about who you are or what you’re like through the power of social media.

If it’s your first time attending a trade show, then don’t take it lightly. Present yourself properly with the right clothes and make sure you speak with the right tone of voice. People are going to remember the first time they meet you and they’re going to let that determine their future interactions with you, so don’t make a terrible impression. Plan properly, address appropriate and practice those social skills so you don’t appear awkward or strange.

Generate excitement with digital platforms

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram, make sure you advertise about your appearance at an event well in advance so it generates excitement over social media and it gives you plenty of time to respond to queries, such as what you’ll be showing. You might even be asked to take part in an interview if your product is worth talking about and you’ve generated some interest already.

This is even more important if it’s your first time attending a trade show event. Plan the dates well in advance, announce it as soon as you’re confirmed as an attendee and constantly remind people on social media.

Have you decided what you’re going to do?

When you attend a trade show, you need to have a plan in mind. Are you going to show people your latest product? Are you going to use it as an opportunity for networking? Or are you just going to attend for the fun of it? This article is about hosting a memorable trade show booth, but keep in mind that even if you don’t attend with the intention of showing off your product, you need to have a plan in mind to make effective use of your time at the trade show—especially if you’re flying in from somewhere far away.

When you set up a booth, make sure it’s personalised as much as possible. Set up a plan for each day you’re at the event and include things such as:


  • Promotional gifts – giving something away can leave a good first impression and if it’s branded, then they’re more likely to remember your name instead of forgetting it in the sea of brands and startups out there.
  • Samples – if you’re selling something that can be made into samples (such as makeup, hygiene products, etc) then produce a short run of samples to give out to people to try out.
  • Demonstrations – if you have something to show, then set up a demonstration. If it’s something like software, then a time or feature-limited example set up on a row of computers will be good enough.
  • Staff – who are you going to bring along for the ride? If you want to impress investors, then you may want a technical member of staff on hand so they can explain all the intricacies of your product.


These are just a couple of examples of things you need to prepare. It’s worth looking at services like Dynamic Gift who have services designed specifically for attending events. You can create personalised lanyards for your members of staff, promotional gifts and even look for unique presents to shower your visitors with. If you’re going to show up at an event, make sure it’s not empty-handed!



With these tips in mind, you’ll have a far easier time with your first trade show booth. As long as you keep in mind the overall experience you want to give your customers and bring enough gifts and samples to pique their interest, you should have a successful time that will promote your brand, give your products plenty of exposure and the media could even write positive articles about your latest products.